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Businesses Only! - Mama & Mini Giveaway

  • Businesses Only! - Mama & Mini Giveaway

**NOTE - buy in covers sponsor costs. You are required to contribute a store voucher minimum of $50. Please ensure you include your business name and voucher amount in the notes at checkout.

When: 17th June - 23rd June

Each giveaway we seek out a beautiful team of sponsors with a high number of followers with genuine engagement, reach and impressions on both their feed and stories, this one is no exception! We have selected a group of micro influencers who have a great engagement rate to ensure we get the best results and hopefully convert some of those new followers to sales. Not only will our giveaways help grow your account, we are also giving back to one of our amazing followers- how awesome is that! Please note that every giveaway is a risk as we cannot predict how many followers you will gain from each, however we will make every effort to ensure it is as successful as possible.

Normal posting positions only- schedule to be sent prior to kick off.

***Please ensure you enter your Instagram handle at the checkout and select your spot carefully as no refunds can be given.

****Should you not follow the posting requirements for the spot you have selected, we will have the discretion to remove you from the following list with no refunds given. Please respect the schedule as these giveaways take a lot of time and effort to put together and it is not fair to the other businesses or influencers.